Prone to Wander

Hey friends,

Tonight, I decided to start a blog. I can’t tell you exactly why I picked tonight to make my debut into the great unknown, that is, the blogging world. Nothing life-changing happened today; nothing out of the ordinary. I guess, maybe, that’s  exactly why I decided it was time to get a blog. I am hoping that by doing this, I will be able to slow myself down long enough to reflect and digest this crazy life, that seems to be passing me by.

My goal tonight is not to get too deep. I just felt like I needed to post a little bit of an introduction. To be honest, when the original idea to start a blog came to me, (that was about 3 hours ago) I thought it would take maybe 15 minutes. Little did I know that naming my blog would be so hard, partially because all of the good names were already chosen, but also because I hadn’t even started thinking about what I wanted to call this site that I would come to spell out my thoughts, opinions and  lessons learned.

I finally decided on His Redeeming Pursuit.

When I think of my life, all 21 years, I can’t help but see a pattern. A pattern that, somehow, always surprises me, but even now, comforts me. A pattern of redemption; a pattern of pursuit.

Meditating on those two words, I picture in my mind the story of Hosea, the prophet. Francine Rivers, the author of Redeeming Love did an incredible job of illustrating that story in a way that shows the power of God’s redemption and his constant pursuit of his beloved, time and time again. (I recommend that book to anyone and everyone)

While I will have plenty of days to write about the lessons I have learned and even more days to write about the lessons I have yet to learn, I can’t shake a phrase that has been on my heart since this whole blog fiasco started in my mind.


Prone to wander. Man, even as I mutter those words to myself right now I can feel a literal pain in my heart. I am prone to wander from the God I love, even after all he’s done for me. My biggest desire (to be near God) often has to compete with my selfish, sinful desire.

Goodness, I can’t wait until I get to worship my Jesus in heaven for all of eternity without the world competing for my heart.

Until then though, I will keep pushing forward, knowing that all the way, God’s love for me is never-failing.

He is faithful to redeem and his pursuit is never-ending.

Praise the Lord for that truth.

Thanks for hanging with me through my first blog, friends.

Be encouraged.

Love, Sagan.

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  1. Way to go Sagan! This is beautiful, thank you for following the Holy Spirit’s lead. I am excited to see what He has in store for you and others in this blog. Praying the harvest is plenty!
    In His love, Gwen

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