Good One, Lord.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the trees.

Thank you for the forks.

Thank you for the salad.

Thank you for my shoes.

Thank you for the napkins.


Chances are, you’ve heard a prayer like this before. It was probably voiced by a small child who was having fun learning how to pray before dinner. While this can be really funny to witness, and If I’m honest, a little annoying when I’m just tryna eat some food, it’s not a bad approach to prayer and life in general.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to start keeping a gratitude journal. I had heard of this concept before, but had never made an honest attempt at it. As a part of my daily routine, I’ve been keeping a journal close by, dedicated to anything and everything I’m thankful for. Some days I really do feel like a small child listing everything from the grass to my pillow, but I believe it’s truly changing me. I’ve found myself becoming more patient, hopeful and kind. The discipline of keeping a grateful heart is leaving less room for negativity, worry and fear.

What are three things you are thankful for this week? Riley and I have added this question to our weekly ‘check-ins’. Sometimes our answers are pretty lame, but they’re always true. You come to realize that yeah, it is really awesome that we had ice cream this week. Just because it seems like a small thing doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thankful for it!

Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow

James 1:17

One of my favorite people on the planet, Natalie, does a really good job of noticing something awesome and giving God the credit. It’s not unusual to hear her utter the phrase, “Good one, Lord.” as she goes throughout her day or in the middle of conversation. It’s a quick acknowledgment that we serve a God who is constantly at work in our lives in crazy, amazing ways, yes, but also, small and subtle ways too. It’s become a habit of mine just from learning from her and I’ve noticed it catch on with many others under her influence too. Good one, Lord.  

When I look for every good thing in my life and give credit where it’s due, I allow room for the Holy Spirit to work in me. By keeping a grateful spirit I’m positioning myself to be used by God, plain and simple. When I am focused on His goodness in my life, there’s no room for complaints.

I am far from perfect and still have moments when it’s easy to let the negativity creep in, but it’s been awesome to see God work in shaping my perspective in this way.

If you’re battling worry, fear or negativity in your life right now, thank Jesus for something. Go ahead. Get obnoxious about it. Wait on Him and see if He starts revealing to you a new perspective. When he does, tell me about it!!



Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash



3 thoughts on “Good One, Lord.

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  1. Sagan,
    I’m using the three things I’m thankful to open up the day with the Staff at LifeQuest Church as I lead their staff planning day at the Rez Downtown. Good one, Lord! Good one, Sagan!

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  2. Great post and great things to think about. I actually keep an excel sheet where I list ten things I am thankful for each week (typical).

    Here’s some excerpts:
    1) engaging conversations
    2) the smell of freshly-baked bread
    3) a boyfriend who makes me breakfast. 🙂

    Love this! Love YOU and your generous spirit!

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