You’re the Spring in My Step

I took a look at my watch as I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and couldn’t hardly believe it. 61 degrees, at 7:30 AM? Is this real life? Walking out to my car I immediately felt a spring in my step. A hope in my soul. A light feeling in my chest.

February is about the time of year ‘I can’t even’. I’m over the layers. I’m over the big jackets. I’m over the static. I’m over the gloom.  I miss my Chacos. I’m over it. It’s crazy how the weather has such a huge impact on my spirit. Even a temporary shift in the temperature is enough to flip my perspective on life. In a lot of ways, I hate the fact that something so out of my control can have such a negative effect on my attitude, but in the same breath, I’m amazed that something so seemingly insignificant as 30 degrees can bring so much hope to my heart.

On my drive into work, I was thinking about how excited I am for spring to finally get here. Whenever I think about the changing seasons, I can’t help but be thankful that that’s exactly how God works too.

Life ebbs and flows in seasons. When I’m in the midst of hard times, I take comfort in knowing that it won’t last forever. I’ve come to believe that God is faithful and wants good things for me in every season (even if those things are not what I would prefer). Those good things might look like becoming more patient, learning to persevere, gaining a new perspective, improving my work ethic, learning to be humble, or even how to rely on God. Those are hardly ever ‘fun’ lessons to learn, but they are important because they make me more like Jesus.  When I believe that God has good things for me in every season, (the fun seasons and the miserable seasons) it gives me the freedom to live with hope and with purpose. I may not love my circumstances, but I know that this season is not forever. While I’m here, I might as well make the most of it. I might as well grow from it.

If you’re in a season of feeling depleted, down or sick of the weather (your circumstances), turn your eyes to Jesus, the giver of every good thing. He has something for you, even now, even in the middle of February.  Sit at His feet. Position yourself ready to receive from Him. He’ll be the spring in your step if you’ll let him. He won’t disappoint.



Feature Photo by Kelly Jean on Unsplash

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