Encouragement: Speak It

Jesus, marriage, family, friends, community, words, dogs, good music, health & adventure. "The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling." - Fabienne Fredrickson I have recently taken an unintentional hiatus from my blog over the last few months. I say unintentional because there have been so many times I have... Continue Reading →


Many Thanks

In the last few months I have found some time in my schedule to become a regular podcast listener. I have a handful of podcasts that I subscribe to and one of those is Andy Stanley's Leadership Podcast. The man's a genius and shares a lot of wisdom with his listeners. A few weeks ago, I... Continue Reading →

Shut Up & Be Still.

So, last night I was having a particularly emotional night which, of course, inspired me to blog. I made a few notes on my phone about how I was feeling and what I was thinking and went to bed. This morning, I as I read over the notes I left myself, I just had to... Continue Reading →

Feeling… 23.

Hello my lovely friends, Today I turned 23 years old. Can you believe it? Yeah, me neither. I always get kind of anxious in anticipation for my birthday. I'm not really sure why. I grew up always feeling like a princess on my birthday so, I guess in some ways, I know that birthdays tend... Continue Reading →

A Quick and Easy Guide to the Best Year of Your Life.

It's a new year my friends and we all know what that means, right? New year, new you. A fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning, well, kind of. A new year does kind of give us some hope for a better year, right? Maybe some of you have some pretty big things you want... Continue Reading →

When it’s easier to be disappointed.

  I have to share a completely embarrassing story with you. This summer was the first summer that me and a few of my friends were back in Kansas City after graduating from college. We decided we wanted to make the most of our time back together, so we planned a weekly girls night where we would... Continue Reading →

Dream On

I'm a dreamer. I have conflicting feelings about that statement. So much of my personality is the dreamer type. "Spontaneity, creativity, risk-taker, rule-breaker." I love all of those words. But, in the same breath... "what's your plan." Easily rolls off the ole tongue. So, what is it? Am I enchanted by the idea of being... Continue Reading →

At the End of Myself

Alright friends, I have to confess something to you. Last night was rough. After quite a few days of self-doubt, it happened; a full force emotional breakdown. My poor husband, bless him. He's over here trying to earn a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and I am providing him with more than enough one-on-one... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a Succulent: personal pep talk

So maybe you're curious as to why in the world I am writing a blog post about succulents. I am honestly wondering the same thing. You know when you get a random thought in your mind that you just can't shake? Well, right now, I can't shake this idea of succulents. I'm going to believe... Continue Reading →

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