Momma’s Wisdom: Something Better

Have you ever gone to someone and shared an idea that you're trying to justify in your own mind? If you're like me, you share this idea for a couple of reasons. One, to make yourself feel better about your (potentially selfish) idea and two, to get some feedback. But if you're honest, you really... Continue Reading →


Dream On

I'm a dreamer. I have conflicting feelings about that statement. So much of my personality is the dreamer type. "Spontaneity, creativity, risk-taker, rule-breaker." I love all of those words. But, in the same breath... "what's your plan." Easily rolls off the ole tongue. So, what is it? Am I enchanted by the idea of being... Continue Reading →

Faithfulness in Uncertainty

Uncertainty. Why is that such an unsettling word? defines uncertainty as: the state of being uncertain (uh duh.); doubt; hesitancy. I don't know about you, but I don't like any of those words. Quite obviously, our hangup with uncertainty is the fact that we aren't in control. Nothing is worse than not being in control. Well... Continue Reading →

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