About Me


My name is Sagan.

I am married to Riley and we have two (mostly) sweet golden retriever pups named KC & Ellie. You can usually find us at the dog park, watching Netflix at home or spending time with our family.

I appreciate a well written lyric, when summer turns to fall and good smelling candles.

I’m also pretty passionate about words and Jesus. I sometimes try to make the two blend together in the form of blog posts.

Me & the Hubs at the River Market in Kansas City.


These three have my heart.


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  1. I tried commenting on this post bur it did not send through! However, I really wanted to reach out to you! I absolutely adore the post about Jeremiah 29:11! I just commented on another post saying how important Jeremiah 29:11 is to me! The different concepts that you focused on truly resonate with me as I am journeying through life. Thank you for your blog post; truly blessed! One of my fave posts!

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